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What We Do

Our Purpose

In recent years, college sports have changed. July of 2021 the NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) law was passed. Because of this NCAA student athletes can now be compensated for their publicity rights. Specifically, in Mississippi the law was amended in April of 2022, allowing for persons or units to “collectively” license publicity rights for compensation to student athletes.

TO THE TOP Collective was created to unify the support from all fans and businesses for Golden Eagle Student Athletes. The Collective makes sure that NIL contracts are executed correctly by the law and in accordance with University compliance. The support of TO THE TOP Collective converts into benefits for Southern Miss student athletes. This support allows TO THE TOP Collective to compensate them for licensing and for the use of their publicity rights.

TO THE TOP Collective offers a solution for businesses and individuals that wish to help brand and compensate student athletes for their publicity rights for advertising. TO THE TOP Collective markets and advertises your business, assists the student athlete with accounting and taxation, and fulfills the compliance disclosure required by the University.


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Support and Service

Our Mission

TO THE TOP Collective exists to help provide a one stop shop service for the fan and business to ensure that we are doing our part to help enhance our school and communities. Our purpose is to help build a strong, reliable, and sustainable individual, doing so through strong, reliable, NIL opportunities. TO THE TOP Collective works to create opportunities for Southern Miss Student Athletes to earn compensation through fan engagement, content creation, merchandise sales, appearances and promotions.

In the new era of college athletics it is imperative that in order to build and sustain success, a strong NIL Collective must exist. Because we offer a unified collective effort approach for all Southern Miss fans and businesses alike we put ourselves in the best position possible in working towards developing the individual, student athlete brand through Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) opportunities. To remain competitive in this new landscape and uncharted markets, it is crucial that a strong, reliable, and sustainable collection of efforts is present. Unity will be the key to victory.

TO THE TOP Collective exists to UNITE all of our efforts to develop, and enhance the experience and improve the lives and communities of Golden Eagle Student Athletes.